Veganpet food now available in New Zealand

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Contact House of T'ang:
Ph: 09 441 3560
PO Box 5854
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VEGANPET FOOD is nutritionally complete and balanced. Meeting and exceeding the AAFCO and NRA standards required for cats and dogs.


Dear Friend,

At last, through my Australian supplier, I can now provide dry VEGAN dog food and dry VEGAN cat food.

Diet is the most important factor in maintaining your pet's good health; also a good diet is the best form of preventative medicine.

Have you ever wondered why pet food is kept separate from human food at points of purchase? Because it is not fit for human consumption!

VEGANPET DRY CAT AND DOG FOOD is a natural product with the exception of synthetically produced taurine, niacin and some vitamins. This food contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

All raw ingredients used in this food are of HUMAN GRADE QUALITY and where possible ORGANIC. Most vitamins, minerals and enzymes are added in a whole food state to enhance stability and absorption, eg whole barley grass, spirulina, and sea kelp.

As cats have very short gastrointestinal tracts (resulting in rapid food passage), it is most important to address every one of the cats needs. Cats have a unique energy and glucose metabolism, a high protein requirement and a need for taurine, arginine, beta-carotine, retinol, niacin, DHA, Aa, and EPA.

Our canine friends are omnivore not like our felines and they are much easier to cater for, although my Australian supplier spent two years working on the best and tastiest formula for them.

Also included is natural "Yucca" to reduce faecal smell and bad breath. An organic herb to clean teeth is added in both cat and dog food, along with several other wonderful additives like spirulina and barley grass.

Aside from being cruelty free, Veganpet food is also hypoallergenic, an excellent food for animals suffering with allergies.

Volunteers from Animal Welfare Groups have offered their dogs and cats to do palatability and digestibility feeding trials. Following a strict set of guidelines, these animals are involved in the final testing of the food. They are undertaking these tests in their own homes while being closely monitored by their owners. If an animal shows any sign of distress it is immediately removed from the trial. So far not one animal has dropped out.

By conducting the tests in this way, the food is tested in a loving, caring way and has avoided supporting any animal testing company.

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home why vegan vegan cats vegan dogs order suppliers links
Contact House of T'ang:
Ph: 09 441 3560 - PO Box 5854, Wellesley St, Auckland
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